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RUNFEST MPG Series events

The events coordinated by ACS MPG and local partners are included in the RUNFEST in the special category RUNFEST MPG Series. This category guarantees adherence to certain quality and organizational standard.

Affiliated events

This category of events take place with the support of RUNFEST but diverge from the system through a separate list of sponsors, partners and different organizational standards. These events are also included in the RUNFEST calendar but are indicated with the specification of Affiliate.

Event registration

Registering for an event is easy. You need to make a reservation and validate it by paying the participation fee. The amount you will be required to pay depends on the day of the payment. The exception lies with those that hold a season subscription. In this case, the amount required for payment is one unit of the pack, no matter the day of the pricing>For reservations and registrations you need to access the Events module, select the event you are interested in from the list and press Register.

The RUNFEST Experience

The experience of a RUNFEST event offers plenty advantages:
- Exercising in the middle of a natural environment
- Discovering virgin courses and unexplored areas
- Getting the experience within an organized environment, with all the proper facilities, including medical attention if things go wrong
- Getting to know people who share your passions
- Having the opportunity of a great adventure with friends and family
- and a happier life!

Performance ranking

The ranking`s role is to list all the members of the system based on ability and results, taking into account their activity in the last 52 weeks. Especially designed for more competitive participants the performance ranking takes on the objective of precisely indicating the running proficiency of those that take part in the RUNFEST events.

Activity rankings

The activity ranking records the activity of the RUFEST members from the very beginning of the system to the current week. These rankings are more valuable to those that take part in running events to enjoy themselves and spend their spare time in a fun and healthy way.